Opioid addiction treatment

Do you think you might have an addiction problem with opioids (prescribed or not)?

Do you want help managing your opioid addiction?

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Our objective is to help you reduce the harm caused by opioids through:

  • Support and counselling;
  • Individual and group services;
  • Disease education and prevention programs;
  • Support accessing other services offered in the community;
  • Methadone/suboxone maintenance treatment: Someone with an addiction can choose to take or not take methadone/suboxone.

Opioids are prescribed to ease pain. Someone who takes an opioid will feel relaxed and may feel euphoric.

People also take them recreationally to have fun, to try new experiences or try to escape their problems and depression.

Unfortunately, opioids are highly addictive. After a certain period of time, their effect diminishes and there is a temptation to increase the dose. Users think they can stop when they want to but when they try, they feel so bad that they become obsessed and start consuming again. They end up spending all their time and energy trying to get more.


We can help you. Here are the services available:

Outpatient services

  • Outpatient referrals
  • Outpatient referrals for people suffering from opioid addiction and mental and physical health problems

Residential services

Mobile crisis response services

The opioid addiction services team is made up of the following members:

  • Social workers;
  • Nurses;
  • Workers;
  • Doctors.