Psychiatry units

Someone may need to be hospitalized in a psychiatry unit to receive more sustained care.

In hospital, psychiatric care is designed to improve, re-establish or maintain patients’ mental health and wellness so they can return to the community. The environment is a safe one and encourages participation by the patient and their family / loved ones.


Our services include:

  • Intensive psychiatric assessment and treatment by an interdisciplinary team made up of the following members:
    • Psychiatrists;
    • Nursing staff;
    • Psychologists;
    • Social workers;
    • Occupational therapists;
    • Pharmacists;
    • Health care attendants;
    • Manager.

Planning the return to the community:

Patients hospitalized in a psychiatry unit for acute mental health disorders receive specialized professional care.

Individual or group services focus on a patient’s needs to help them recover. The services are short-term and include:

  • Assessment and diagnosis;
  • Treatment, support, rehabilitation and social integration;
  • Other specialized services upon request (pharmacy services, nutrition services, medical consultations);
  • Participation in the development of a treatment plan and in discharge planning.

The activities promote involvement by the family and community partners to ensure continuity of care.

Four regional hospitals have specialized psychiatry units:

  • Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre – Moncton;
  • Edmundston Regional Hospital
  • Campbellton Regional Hospital
  • Chaleur Regional Hospital – Bathurst

Restigouche Hospital Centre

The Restigouche Hospital Centre offers long-term and specialized services. It has a provincial mandate in the area of forensic psychiatry.

It provides psychiatric services to patients who have been referred by a doctor.