Patient Guide

Vitalité Health Network consists of 11 hospitals and a number of community health centres, clinics, and addiction service centres. The Network also offers home care and public health services.

In all, the Network has 70 points of service across the province stretching from the Northwest to the Southeast. Our various medical specialties are distributed throughout the Network’s facilities. Wherever you live, you have access to all of the Network’s care and services as well as our dedicated medical team.

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The Network provides health care (in French and English) to help you:

  • Remain in good health;
  • Recover from injury or illness;
  • Manage your chronic conditions effectively;
  • Adjust to illness, disability, and aging.


Our purpose

To foster the health of our patients and communities, today and tomorrow.

Through a collaborative, learning approach, we foster the health of our communities and ensure the best care for our patients. We are an innovative, forward-looking network, where everyone’s voice counts, and where patients and families come first.


During your stay

Private or semi-private room

Additional fees apply if you wish to have a private or semi-private room. If you have insurance covering these additional fees, please inform the Admitting office.


Being away from the unit

If you have to leave the unit for personal reasons (e.g. to go to the snack bar or the boutique), it is important for you to inform your nurse. This will help the staff plan your care and keep you informed about when your treatments are scheduled.


Items to bring to the hospital

  • Medicare card
  • Personal insurance card
  • Medications
  • Toiletries, kleenex
  • Dentures, hearing aids, glasses, contact lenses
  • Pyjamas, nightgown, bathrobe, slippers
  • Underwear
  • Leave your valuables at home (for safety reasons). The Network is not responsible for personal effects that are lost or stolen.
  • Scented products are prohibited.


Tobacco products and alcohol

Tobacco products and alcohol are prohibited in hospital.

Most of the Network’s hospitals offer a program to help you quit smoking. If you want to quit, ask your nurse to help you sign up for this program.


Discharge from hospital

When your discharge order has been signed, you must leave before 11 a.m. in order to free up your room for the next patient.



Our volunteers can contribute to your comfort and well-being. They are keen listeners and are known for their kindness and friendliness.

In most Vitalité Health Network facilities, volunteers are available to welcome and support patients and to drop by for friendly visits. To learn more about volunteers, speak to a member of the care team.


Spiritual and religious care

Welcome • Presence • Listening • Compassion • Prayer

The Spiritual and Religious Care Department can help you in case of spiritual distress and can support you through difficult times.

The Spiritual and Religious Care Department:

  • Listens and promotes communication;
  • Provides spiritual support;
  • Supports patients through crises;
  • Helps the bereaved;
  • Organizes sacraments and rituals;
  • Prays with or for patients.

The services provided are personal and confidential. If you would like further information, please speak to a member of the care team.


Baby-friendly hospital

The Network’s hospitals are working to obtain the “baby-friendly” designation. In order to provide protection, encouragement, and support:

  • Mothers and mothers-to-be receive the information they need to make informed decisions about how to feed and take care of their baby. All mothers are supported in their decisions;
  • Our hospitals promote breastfeeding in public areas by making more discreet spaces available to mothers who wish to breastfeed;
  • Pacifiers (soothers) are not used in the Network’s hospitals, unless the mother provides authorization;
  • Skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby is practised at birth;
  • Mother and baby share the same room (“rooming in”), except if the baby’s condition does not allow for this.


Privacy Protection

Your personal information is protected by New Brunswick legislation. Vitalité Health Network complies with this legislation.

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