Paying invoices online

You can now pay your invoice online on the Service New Brunswick site:


You can also pay your invoice:

  • By credit card (Visa, MasterCard) by entering the number at the top left of your invoice;
  • By cheque by mailing it to the address at the top left of your invoice;
  • In person at your regional hospital at the address indicated at the top left of your invoice.

If you do not have a valid Medicare card issued by a Canadian province or territory, you will be invoiced in advance or at the time of your visit.


Medicare does not cover certain fees, including:

  • Private or semi-private rooms;
  • Esthetic procedures;
  • Artificial limbs;
  • Elective procedures (that can be deferred), etc.


You are responsible for paying any fees not covered by Medicare or your personal insurance.

Vitalité Health Network is not responsible for checking what coverage your personal insurance provides.

Hospital fees do not include doctors’ fees. Doctors are responsible for doing their own billing.

The Department of Health sets how much doctors can bill for.

For further information, please call the Accounts Receivable Department at 506-862-4716.