Our Purpose and Values

With an aging population in need of more health care and services and a shortage of professional resources capable of providing such care and services, the Network must, more than ever, build on the strengths and synergy of its teams and involve patients, partners and communities in the continuous improvement of the health care system.

In 2022–2023, we have revised our purpose and values to align them with our commitment to serve people better by optimizing the care and services provided in hospitals and in the community and to recognize and support the teams working in the field.

Resulting from extensive discussions with our teams in the field and with our communities, the new purpose statement and values convey a common, unifying plan, in which our actions inspire confidence and nurture hope in teams, people and communities for the future of health care and services.

Our purpose

To foster the health of our patients and communities, today and tomorrow.

Through a collaborative, learning approach, we foster the health of our communities and ensure the best care for our patients. We are an innovative, forward-looking network, where everyone’s voice counts, and where patients and families come first.

Our values

Safety and respect above all

We treat our co-workers, community members, patients and their families with respect, dignity, sensitivity and compassion. We provide a health care and work environment that is caring, safe and respectful of differences.

Humility and curiosity at the heart of a learning culture

We are curious, humble and open-minded in the face of challenges and setbacks, thereby fostering learning and growth. Everyone’s creativity, energy and innovative spirit support the continuous improvement of our care and services.

Collaboration and mutual support that promote synergy

We seek and value the ideas and contributions of everyone in achieving common goals. Mutual support and synergy within teams foster a sense of belonging and empower individuals and teams.

Integrity and accountability in all our actions

We provide care and services that meet the highest quality standards. We act ethically, honestly and responsibly and we keep our promises and commitments.