Baby-Friendly Initiative

The Baby-Friendly Initiative is a global effort aimed at improving the quality of care provided to mothers and babies. The initiative promotes breastfeeding as the healthiest and most natural way of feeding a baby. It’s the premier strategy for protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding in our communities.

The Baby-Friendly Initiative supports all families, whatever way the feed their baby.

“Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months. It is recommended to continue it up to two years or longer, accompanied by appropriate complementary foods.” —Health Canada


The New Brunswick Department of Health and Vitalité Health Network support the Baby-Friendly Initiative

The New Brunswick Department of Health Breastfeeding Policy Statement asks all hospitals, Public Health offices and community health centres in the province that work with parents, babies and their families to pursue their efforts to obtain the “Baby-Friendly Hospital” designation.

Breastfeeding is encouraged in all public spaces

Vitalité Health Network’s facilities are in favour of breastfeeding. They support and encourage breastfeeding everywhere in their facilities. They also offer private breastfeeding spaces for families preferring privacy.

All the province’s communities are encouraged to create spaces supportive of breastfeeding in order to help parents feel comfortable feeding their babies when and where they need to do so. Such environments also give breastfeeding heightened visibility and help normalize this practice within the population.

Importance of support from family, friends and the community

It’s important for each of us to protect, encourage and support families in our communities that are breastfeeding.