Smoke-Free Together

There is no safe level of second hand smoke. Smoke-free hospital properties reduce harm, promote healthy choices and support a safe and healthy environment for everyone, including patients, staff and visitors. The Vitalité Health Network is committed to health promotion and disease prevention; this initiative supports our mission of helping people be healthy.

Effective January 1, 2016, all of the Vitalité Health Network facilities and grounds are 100% smoke free.

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What smoke-free resources are available to me as an admitted patient?

Smoking Cessation Clinic

Vitalité Health Network smoking cessation program is based on the Ottawa Model. The “Ottawa Model” is an evidence-based best practice model that integrates smoking cessation into the standard of care Vitalité Health Network provides.

We understand that smoking is an addiction to nicotine and we want to support our patients. Patients accessing care within the Network will be asked about their tobacco status. A health-care provider will advise patients on the importance of quitting smoking and will be given helpful, supportive, non-judgemental information to help in their efforts to quit smoking, or to manage the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Patients who are admitted to our facilities will also be offered “stop smoking” medications to assist them while they are here.


During your admission

A health-care provider will offer patients who smoke support and education to help them quit smoking or provide assistance in remaining smoke free for the hospital stay. Inpatient support includes:

  • Education and advice from your health-care provider. Thinking about quitting smoking? We want to help. Speak to your health-care provider to create your own personalized “quit smoking plan.”
  • “Stop smoking” medications - to help you quit smoking or manage nicotine withdrawal while you are here. “Quit smoking” medications have been shown to double or triple your chances of quitting smoking.
  • An offer of follow-up support, after you are discharged from the hospital. Taking part in follow-up support greatly increases your chance of quitting. The more support you have, the better!