Visitor Guide

The family/care partner must be welcomed as an essential member of the health care team and a full member of the care process at all times (24 hours a day), based on the patient’s preference and in collaboration with the care team. Visits may be limited or cancelled depending on a patient’s condition and whether visits are welcome or not. The Network may require a visitor to leave the premises at any time.

Visits may occasionally be suspended temporarily (e.g. to prevent the spread of infection).


Patient safety

Do not move a bedridden patient without speaking to the caregivers beforehand (to prevent the patient from being injured).

Never handle the patients’ supplies or equipment (to prevent damage or possible malfunctions).


Infection prevention

Do not visit a patient if you:

  • Are sick;
  • Have a cough;
  • Have a fever or the flu;
  • Are feeling sick to your stomach, are vomiting, or are having diarrhea;
  • Have a rash or skin lesions.


Wash your hands with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer:

  • Before you enter a patient’s room and when you leave;
  • If you cough, sneeze, or blow your nose;
  • If you touch dirty objects or money;
  • Before eating;
  • After using the toilet. 

Use a paper towel to shut the water off after you have dried your hands.


When visiting a patient in isolation:

  • Check with the nursing station first;
  • Follow the instructions posted on the door;
  • Wear personal protective equipment.


Smoke-Free Environment

It is prohibited to smoke or heat any tobacco, medicinal marijuana, or medicinal herbal product or to use any smoking device or e-cigarette / ENDS (electronic
nicotine delivery system) in the facilities or on the properties of the Network.


Fragrance-Free Environment

Visitors are advised not to wear scented personal products.


Alcohol and Drugs

Alcoholic drinks and illicit drugs are prohibited.


Privacy Protection

Your personal information is protected by New Brunswick legislation. Vitalité Health Network complies with this legislation.

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Vitalité Health Network is supported by 10 foundations. Thanks to the public’s contributions and generosity, our foundations are able to fund a number of the Network’s initiatives. If you would like to donate to the Network, please contact one of our foundations.

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Fondation Les Amis de l'Hôpital de Tracadie Inc. (Tracadie-Sheila):

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