Local family health teams

New Brunswick is experiencing significant population growth and an aging population, which means greater health needs.

In response to these challenges, Vitalité Health Network has implemented a model based on the creation of local family health teams, a model that enables a greater number of patients to have access to primary health care, and more quickly.

The model is based on every patient being cared for by a team made up of various professionals rather than a single doctor.

These teams may include doctors, nurses and professional services workers (psychology, social work, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, audiology, nutrition).

Every team is connected to their own referral centre responsible for quickly guiding patients to the right service provider.

Some tasks can be delegated to other health professionals based on a patient's needs.

The initiative enables greater collaboration between care providers, while ensuring patient follow-up all along the care path.

What are the benefits?

This new team-based approach has several objectives:

  • Provide an appointment within five days;
  • Care for a greater number of patients;
  • Better monitor chronic diseases through the sharing of electronic records between team members;
  • Relieve pressure on hospitals.

It also provides professionals with administrative support so that they can concentrate on providing care.

The form that the model takes can, however, vary from one region to another because how each team operates is tailored to the specific needs and realities of their community.

How to contact the teams

If you don't have a family doctor:

Local family health teams begin by caring for the patients of family doctors and nurse practitioners who are members of the team.

They will gradually contact the orphan patients in their region on the NB Health Link registry to add them to their patient base.

Do not call the referral centre directly. First register for the NB Health Link program.

If you are already under the care of a team:

You can continue to contact your family doctor's or nurse practitioner's office directly at any time. If necessary, you may be referred to your local referral centre for access to various services.

Your local referral centre will assess your needs and direct you to the appropriate care or service provider.

  • Edmundston: 506-739-2433
  • Dieppe: 506-862-4233
  • Other regions to come