Centre for Hope and Harmony

The Centre for Hope and Harmony offers two types of services in both official languages.

Participation is voluntary.

Detoxification Service

This program is designed for people with addiction or gambling issues. The service provides a safe and therapeutic space for people experiencing substance use issues. It is designed to help people change their self-destructive behaviour and guide them toward a healthier lifestyle.

During their stay, participants undergo medical and psychosocial assessments and attend educational sessions.

Provincial Live-In Concurrent Disorder Treatment Service

This highly individualized and specialized service is designed to help participants:

  • Reduce and better manage their substance use and gambling issues and mental health disorders;
  • Achieve a better quality of life.

The core program is five weeks; the interdisciplinary team may grant an extension depending on the individual treatment goals. Individuals receive up to 30 hours of group and individual services per week, based on their needs and treatment plan.

Interventions are recovery-based and trauma-, gender- and culture-informed. The holistic approach that is employed aims to reduce harm and help people meet their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.

Two-eyed seeing approach

We have integrated a sweat lodge and smudging into the Centre’s services.

Two-eyed seeing brings together the traditional knowledge, medicines and ceremonies of First Nations and the knowledge of modern medicine. Two-eyed seeing helps meet people’s needs and brings them physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

Who can receive these services?

  • The Detoxification Service is designed for people aged 16 and over with substance use or gambling problems.
  • The Live-In Concurrent Disorder Treatment Service is designed for people aged 19 and over with serious substance use or gambling issues and moderate mental health issues whose needs would be best addressed in a live-in setting.

How to request these services

Detoxification Service
  • You can call yourself to request admission to the Detoxification Service.
Live-in Concurrent Disorder Treatment Service
  • It is recommended that requests for admission be channeled through a health professional who can provide follow-up services after a participant’s stay to facilitate an effective transition to the community.
  • Requests can also be made by health professionals in primary care, single-session therapy, the Detoxification Service, acute psychiatric units or correctional centres.

The team

The two services are provided by an interdisciplinary team made up of:

  • Clinical coordinators;
  • Nurses;
  • Physicians;
  • Psychiatrists;
  • Social workers;
  • Occupational therapists;
  • Psychologists;
  • Community integration workers;
  • Attendants.