Residential treatment service for individuals suffering from mental health and addiction problems

The service offers residential rehabilitation treatment for people with mental health and addiction problems. During their stay, an individual receives help to stay clean in combination with therapy depending on their needs.

The treatment may last from 30 to 90 days depending on the individual’s needs and objectives. The services are very personalized. The individual may receive up to 30 hours per week of individual or group services.

The service is recovery-based. It factors in an individual’s traumas, gender and culture.

The service is provided in Campbellton. It can handle up to 12 people at a time. New admissions occur weekly. Admission is voluntary. During their rehabilitation, an individual is free to come and go (outside the hours during which they are receiving services). They may also receive calls and visitors.

An individual under the influence of alcohol or another drug must start with detox. After detox, they may be admitted for rehabilitation.


Who can receive this service?

Any New Brunswicker with mental health and addiction problems whose needs may or must be treated in a residential setting may receive this service. The program fees are covered by New Brunswick Medicare.


To request this service…

Talk to a social worker, nurse or psychologist who knows you well and who is participating in your treatment. This professional could make the request for you.


Regional Addiction Services in Campbellton
53 Gallant Drive