Support for external projects

The Regional Research Support Office (RRSO) is mandated to guide researchers and students from outside Vitalité Health Network who are interested in working with the Network to conduct their research projects.

The RRSO supports external researchers in seeking collaborations with various Network sectors and clinicians.

Any researcher interested in collaborating with the Network may apply to the RRSO. Please write an email to recherche.research [at] to start the process.

The application process is collaborative. The RRSO verifies a proposal after it is received. As needed, the RRSO may ask the researcher for changes or additional information. The RRSO supports the researcher at this stage in making any changes and providing any requested clarifications.

When the administrative and scientific feasibility of the project has been approved, the RRSO submits the proposal to the Research Ethics Board for approval. The project may begin once ethics approval has been received.

For all applications, the researcher must specify:

  • Where the research project will take place and which population will be studied;
  • The departments or sectors of Vitalité Health Network facilities affected by the project;
  • The collaborations with organizations outside the Network (e.g. universities);
  • The needs in terms of financial, human and material resources.

The following must be submitted:

  • Support letters specifying that the parties have been informed of their involvement and the resources they must provide to the project.