The goal of the clinical research conducted by the Network is to increase knowledge of human illnesses and better understand their prevention, detection and treatment. Studies are conducted across the entire health research continuum, which includes:

  • Fundamental research;
  • Translational research;
  • Applied research;
  • Sponsored clinical trials;
  • Evaluative research.


Clinical trials

The Network participates in research on new medications and medical instruments through clinical trials.

A clinical trial consists of research into the effects and efficacy of a medication or medical instrument. The research examines how the medication in question is absorbed, metabolized and eliminated by the human body. The research must also detect any incidents related to the medication. A clinical trial serves to confirm that the medication is effective and safe.

The Network’s research focuses on medications whose innocuity has been demonstrated and whose dosage has already been studied.

The research conducted within the Network (levels 3 and 4) serves to confirm the effectiveness of new treatments and identify their side effects.

Consult the list of clinical trials underway within Vitalité Health Network.


Fundamental, translational, applied and evaluative research

The Training and Research sector has two physician researchers dedicated to conducting research on our population’s genetic heritage and on aging.

Many other Network physicians and professionals are involved in research within the Network.

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