St-Joseph Community Health Centre (Dalhousie)

General Info

Located in downtown Dalhousie, the St-Joseph Community Health Centre is dedicated to providing easy access to primary health care and to improving the health of people in the Restigouche region.


Primary health care

  • Primary health care consultations
  • Health and healthy lifestyle promotion
  • Chronic disease management
  • Illness and injury prevention
  • Health education
  • Blood Pressure Clinic
  • Smoking Cessation Clinic
  • MOTIVACTION Youth Clinic
  • Eating Disorder Clinic
  • Screening service: counselling and follow-up
  • Community social work
  • Diabetes case management in the community


Outpatient care

  • Specialized clinics 
  • Diabetes Clinic
  • Women’s Wellness Program (Pap tests)
  • Blood transfusions
  • Clinical nutrition counselling
  • Foot Care Clinic
  • Wound care
  • Treatment services
  • Minor procedures


Satellite services

  • Addiction Services
  • Public Health
  • Mental Health


Diagnostic services

  • Phlebotomy and sampling
  • Radiology
  • ECG


Rehabilitation services


Other services

Visiting Hours

Community Health Centres offer out-patient services only. Visiting hours do not apply.

How to get there
Our Team

General practitioners/specialists, nurse practitioners, nurses, professional services personnel, support personnel and volunteers


The St. Joseph Hospital officially opened its doors on May 18, 1953, in Dalhousie. The $1.5 million facility was managed by the congregation of Les Filles de Jésus.

The hospital started with 75 beds, increasing to 100 in 1964.

Six years after the hospital opened, the government took over responsibility for the cost of hospital services, which up to then had been the responsibility of Les Filles de Jésus. The same year, the facility was officially accredited for the first time.

The number of services provided in the region significantly increased in the 70s and 80s. In 1997 the number of beds decreased to 42.

In 2005, the hospital became a community health centre providing ambulatory care, a walk-in clinic, and a collaborative practice staffed by six physicians and two nurse practitioners. In 2007, the Dialysis Unit was opened as a satellite of the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont Regional Hospital in Moncton.


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