Vitalité Health Network to provide greater support to its nurse practitioners

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 – Vitalité Health Network has undertaken a major improvement project to better support the practice of nurse practitioners.

A series of measures was taken to redesign the training available, improve the orientation process, eliminate tasks and procedures that have no added value, ensure access to technology tools, allow greater flexibility in scheduling, and develop tools to gather information on patient experience.

Consultation days are now held twice a year. An advisory committee of four nurse practitioners will also be established by the end of February.

Shelley Robichaud, Director of Primary Health Care for the Vitalité Health Network

"We want to connect with our nurse practitioners, understand their needs and involve them more in decision making," explains Shelley Robichaud, Director of Primary Health Care.

Vitalité Health Network currently has 45 nurse practitioner positions that are filled and twelve that are vacant. They are trained to assess, diagnose, treat patients and prescribe medications. They also engage in health promotion and disease prevention activities.

A manager position has been added to provide guidance and support. A mentoring program will be implemented by May 2023 to ensure individualized support and knowledge sharing.

"Primary health care nurse practitioners who receive a high level of organizational support are more likely to be satisfied with their job," points out Ms. Robichaud.

These initiatives are being carried out as part of the EXTRA training program developed by Healthcare Excellence Canada.

The team involved in the project includes Shelley Robichaud, Nicole Labrie, responsible for the NP practice (retired since July 2022), Nicole Brideau, nurse practitioner, Véronique Landry, professor at Université de Moncton and nurse practitioner, and two patient partners, André Daigle and Joanne Thériault-Michaud.

They were in Ottawa from February 8 to 10 to present their approach to managers of other health organizations across the country. Ms. Robichaud was awarded the title of Valedictorian at the event, a distinction that recognizes her ability to innovate and her long-standing involvement in health care system transformation efforts.

This project is part of Vitalité Health Network's efforts to create an attractive environment for its employees to ensure their well-being and retention.

André Daigle, Nicole Brideau, Shelley Robichaud and Véronique Landry presenting the EXTRA project in Ottawa.

André Daigle, Nicole Brideau, Shelley Robichaud and Véronique Landry presenting the EXTRA project in Ottawa.