To ensure respectful communication, Vitalité Health Network asks the public and its staff to follow these writing guidelines when participating in a conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

  • You are encouraged to use of our Facebook page and Twitter feed to publish your comments, as long as they are respectful and relevant to the discussion.
  • We reserve the right to remove the following content: photographs, recordings (audio/video) or text messages comprising personal information about identifiable patients, families or staff members of Vitalité Health Network; offensive, coarse or obscene language; insults and comments that go against the Acts and Regulations of New Brunswick or Canada. We invite you to express you disagreement to an idea without insulting anyone.
  • Avoid writing messages in capital letters. It can be interpreted as yelling or being aggressive. The use of capital letters also slows down reading. Messages written in capital letters (except for initials or acronyms) will be rejected.
  • Vitalité Health Network cannot process specific issues or records concerning staff or patients, or disclose confidential information, namely regarding complaints or investigations submitted through Facebook or Twitter.
  • We are not responsible for content from external sites accessible via hyperlinks published in our publications and in comments posted on our social media pages.
  • Vitalité Health Network publications will be posted in French and English.
  • Our Twitter feed and Facebook page must not be considered as the official sources for Vitalité Health Network’s policies and guidelines. To learn about official updates, please visit our website.
  • Vitalité Health Network’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are not monitored at all times.
  • If you are a journalist, please contact the Communications and Community Engagement Department.
  • Vitalité Health Network reserves the right to remove or not publish your messages.
  • Vitalité Health Network reserves the right to modify these terms of use when it deems appropriate, without prior notice.
  • Vitalité Health Network has no obligations to remove your messages at your request. By posting your messages on our platforms, they become public and Vitalité Health Network can publish your comments for an indefinite period.