Vitalité Health Network joins in the fight against plastic pollution

Vitalité Health Network – Wednesday, April 19, 2023 – Vitalité Health Network has stopped purchasing disposable plastic and styrofoam tableware.

Our organization will henceforth purchase containers, utensils, plates, glasses and straws made from biodegradable or recyclable plant-based materials.

“We plan to complete the roll-out phase by the end of summer 2023 when our current inventories will be used up. However, the transition may be extended depending on the availability of supply for certain items”, said Janie Levesque, Director of Food and Environmental Services.

The most environmentally-friendly choice remains reusable tableware. The Network will continue to recommend this choice for inpatients and meals offered onsite in our cafeterias.

Nearly 5.1 million disposable plastic and styrofoam products were used each year by our facilities, especially in our kitchenettes, for meals to go, for certain therapeutic needs or in the event of equipment breakdowns.

“Our new procurement policy will help reduce the quantity of polluting materials that go to the landfills,” mentioned Ms. Levesque. “Plastic can take hundreds, if not thousands of years to break down, which means that the damage caused to the environment is long-lasting.”

This initiative was made possible through the Department of Environment and Local Government’s Climate Change Fund. It aligns with the Government of Canada’s goal of zero plastic waste by 2030.