New addiction services centre opens its doors in Campbellton

Vitalité Health Network, September 1, 2023 – Vitalité Health Network is celebrating the inauguration of the new Centre for Hope and Harmony in Campbellton.

The facility has a provincial mandate and will provide addiction treatment services, including a concurrent disorder treatment program and a detox program.

“Our teams have worked hard to create an environment and therapeutic approaches that nourish acceptance and hope for recovery,” said Dr. France Desrosiers, President and CEO of Vitalité Health Network.

The number of beds dedicated to concurrent disorder treatment services will increase from 12 to 18, which will improve access for clients from across the province. The program is designed for clients with a substance use and/or gambling problem to benefit from a 35- to 90-day stay.

A multidisciplinary and bilingual team will ensure the development of individual intervention plans including provision of support services, implementation of strategies to reduce the risk of relapse, and preparation for return to the community.

Opening prayer on behalf of First Nations - Elder Glenda Wysote, Gaëtane Hachey, Acting Regional Director of Mental Health and Addictions Services for Adults, Gino Mallais , Manager of Addiction Services for the Restigouche Zone.

The Centre for Hope and Harmony also has six beds for the detox program. Available to individuals with a substance use problem, the program is primarily designed to provide medical supervision of the withdrawal process during a 7- to 10-day stay.

Health professionals, the surrounding communities, including the Eel River Bar and Listuguj First Nations, as well as former patients were consulted throughout the process of designing the centre and its programs.

“This helped us provide a living space better adapted to the needs, limitations and desires of residents,” explained the facility manager, Gino Mallais.

The new building has 24 single rooms, family rooms, a cafeteria, therapy rooms, a gym, a games room, a multicultural space, outdoor spaces and a smudge room.

The facility also promotes the practices of recognizing the equality of Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge according to Etuaptmumk, the “Two-Eyed Seeing” approach. The Two-Eyed Seeing approach focuses on a mutual learning framework and balanced use of Indigenous and Western knowledge. A smudge room has been developed and decorated by First Nations’ artists for the celebration of spiritual ceremonies.

Dr. France Desrosiers, Precident and CEO and Secretary of the Board of Directors.

“We believe that there is no single treatment plan and no single path towards recovery,” says Gino Mallais. “It is imperative to recognize the importance of person-centred care, peer support, trauma-informed care, gender and the cultural context.”

Minister Bruce Fitch applauded the outcome of the $24.5 million project.

“This is an important addition to our mental health network,” said Health Minister Bruce Fitch. “It takes strength to acknowledge one’s struggles. So, it is crucial we have these safe spaces where patients can access the support they need on their journey to mental wellness.”

“This centre was built to provide hope and a way to overcome the very real struggles facing each patient,” said Sherry Wilson, Minister responsible for Mental Health and Addictions. “Where there is hope there is a chance to recover and this centre will help ensure all New Brunswickers can access mental health and addictions services without barriers.”

Access to addiction and mental health services is one of the five areas for action of the Provincial Health Plan entitled Stabilizing Health Care: An Urgent Call to Action.