Community Update – April 1, 2022

Situation Report

April 1, 2022

Vitalité Health Network is providing this situation report in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic. This report will be updated as needed, as the situation changes.

Alert level

The Network will remain at the red level until further notice. This decision is supported by the rising number of COVID-19 cases, which significantly affects the organization’s capacity in terms of resources and creates more pressure on health care workers.

In fact, the number of employees absent from work due to COVID-19 infection has gone from 206 to 352 between March 22 and March 30, a 41% increase in eight days.

Current public health and protection measures

The Network is pursuing its health mission and is maintaining a rigour that differs from the recent loosening of measures in the community in order to protect patients and staff and preserve service levels.

The protection measures in place for patients, designated support persons (DSPs) and health care workers remain in effect across our facilities.

Health measures continue to be observed and enforced within the Network. We are monitoring the situation closely and are working jointly with the Department of Health and Horizon Health Network to ensure everyone’s safety and reduce the risk of future outbreaks.

Surgical services

Urgent surgical procedures continue to take precedence over elective (non-urgent) cases. The Network is working with the Department of Health on developing strategies to reduce the current wait times and ensure service delivery for patients whose surgeries had to be cancelled or postponed.

For the latest updates regarding our services, visit the Network’s website and social media accounts frequently (Facebook and Twitter).

Visitors and designated support persons

General visits remain suspended. Eligible patients may receive visits from a fully vaccinated DSP, who must show proof of vaccination. Visit the Network’s website for the Guidelines for Visitors and Designated Support Persons.

Access to point of service

Controls remain in place at the entrances to our points of service. Patients and DSPs entering our facilities must answer safety questions on COVID-19 symptoms, disinfect their hands, maintain physical distancing and wear the medical mask provided at all times.

COVID-19 testing centre

COVID-19 testing continues and the Network’s testing centres remain open in all regions.

Laboratory (PCR) tests are reserved for symptomatic individuals 50 years of age and over and other priority groups.

Rapid-test kits are reserved for symptomatic individuals under 50 years of age who are not in priority groups.

To request a PCR test or rapid-test kit, you must book an appointment on the provincial government website.

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Facility Bed occupancy rate Number of COVID-19
patients hospitalized
Positive health care workers removed from work Health care workers removed from work due to a contact
Beauséjour Zone (region 1)     132 () 51 ()
Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont UHC 125% () 17 ()
(0 in Intensive Care) ()
Stella-Maris-de-Kent Hospital 125% () 0    
Northwest Zone (region 4)     60 () 14 ()
Edmundston Regional Hospital 87% () 13 ()
(2 in Intensive Care) ()
Grand Falls General Hospital 90% () 0    
Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Joseph de Saint-Quentin 67% () 0    
Restigouche Zone (region 5)     61 () 26 ()
Campbellton Regional Hospital 98% () 7 ()
(0 in Intensive Care) ()
Acadie-Bathurst Zone (region 6)     87 () 34 ()
Chaleur Regional Hospital 102% () 20 ()
(2 in Intensive Care) ()
Tracadie Hospital 105% () 4 ()    
Enfant-Jésus RHSJ† Hospital 117% () 0    
Lamèque Hospital and CHC 100% () 0    
Vitalité Health Network 103% () 61 () 340 () 125 ()

(As of April 1, 2022)

For up-to-date information, please visit the Network's website or follow us on our social media platforms.

Thank you for your cooperation with our various measures, which are necessary to protect the safety of our patients, staff, physicians and communities.