Frequently Asked Questions

What times of the week do we need the most volunteers?

Since the majority of patient services are provided during weekdays, we have a greater need for volunteers who are available during the day, Monday through Friday. However, some facilities offer the opportunity to volunteer on weekends.


What kind of references are required?

You need to provide references from three people who have known you for at least two years (and are not related to you), or who know you in a professional setting. These people can be teachers, professors, supervisors, co-workers, friends, etc. Start by asking them for permission to use them as references and provide Volunteer Services with their full mailing address and, if possible, their e-mail address.


Do I have to be able to speak English and French?

The vast majority of our programs require that volunteers communicate with patients, families and visitors. It is important for them to be able to understand and follow instructions and provide a service in the official language of their choice. If you are unilingual, please contact Volunteer Services to discuss it.


If I register as a volunteer, will it be easier for me to get a job with Vitalité Health Network?

Volunteering for any organization helps to develop professional skills and abilities and to acquire experience for a future job. However, at Vitalité Health Network, volunteering is not linked to paid positions needing to be filled. If you are looking for a job, please contact the Network’s Human Resources Department.


I am a student; can I become a volunteer?

Absolutely! The presence of student volunteers in Vitalité Health Network facilities has positive consequences for both patient care and the students themselves. Students who volunteer contribute to the community and acquire meaningful experience to put on their resumé. This also helps them to acquire work experience in a health care field. Please contact Volunteer Services in your region for details and requirements.