Spiritual aspect

Spirituality is the way in which a person perceives themselves in relation to others, the earth and the universe. It is also a quest for meaning, a search to find oneself, the elevation of self and the revelation of self.

When people have a serious illness, they are often drawn to seek inner peace and to try to give meaning to their life and their death.

The spiritual aspect can lead the patient to:

  • question their identity and their place in the universe
  • get back in touch with religion or a higher power
  • ask for forgiveness
  • take stock of their life
  • explore the concept of life after death
  • let go
  • openly express their thoughts and feelings

What matters to patients at the end of life

What matters to patients during their final days?

  1. Having their family by their side
  2. Being able to talk about death
  3. Meeting a member of the clergy or a spiritual care practitioner
  4. Talking about their fears
  5. Being at peace with their higher power
  6. Not being connected to machines
  7. Not being a burden to their family
  8. Having completed preparations for their funeral arrangements
  9. Being of sound mind until the end
  10. Being able to trust the care team
  11. Not dying alone
  12. Having their loved ones visit
  13. Keeping their sense of humour
  14. Maintaining their dignity
  15. Being treated the way they wish, in accordance with their values and priorities
  16. Remembering their personal achievements
  17. Being able to say goodbye to their loved ones
  18. Being informed of how their body will change
  19. Being able to prepare their family for their death
  20. Dying at home
  21. Not suffering physically or mentally
  22. Keeping good bodily hygiene
  23. Having a feeling of peace

Tips for the family

  • Respect the spiritual and religious needs of the patient.
  • Take into consideration your own needs regarding spirituality.
  • Bring religious or spiritual symbols to the patient.
  • Perform rituals with the patient (e.g., prayer, visualization).
  • Listen attentively to the patient.
  • If the patient so wishes, ask the care team to contact a spiritual care practitioner or a chaplain for a meeting.

Spiritual Care

Patients who would like to receive spritual care and their loved ones are invited to contact us.