When the diagnosis is made, the patient and their loved ones must face a new reality. Everyone reacts differently. Addressing difficult subjects and communicating in an appropriate way can be a chellenge for the patient and their loved ones.

Tips to make communication easier

Tips for the patient

  • Live in the present moment.
  • Discuss wishes and worries about your care and death (see Appendix A – What matters to patients at the end of life).
  • Find things you enjoy.
  • Share your life story.
  • Allow yourself to feel your emotions.
  • Respect your limits.

Tips for the family

  • Be honest, show respect and stay true to yourself.
  • Respect the patient’s decisions.
  • Continue to do activities with the patient, if possible.
  • Do not avoid the subject of death or fears.
  • Share your fond memories and express your gratitude.
  • Help the patient stay in contact with their friends and family.
  • Take the time to share what matters to you without too much delay (this could reduce regrets after death).