Strategic meetings on nursing: looking to the future

Vitalité Health Network, November 29, 2022 – Under an air of renewal and hope, a group of 250 managers and nursing staff members recently met with the leadership of this sector for strategic meetings to discuss the future and vision of nursing within Vitalité Health Network.

The purpose of these meetings was to open the discussion between staff members, managers and the leadership to assess the current situation in the facilities of Vitalité Health Network and find solutions to manage the change better, retain staff and look at opportunities to improve work schedules and management of teams. During the two days of meetings, three patient experience partners shared their stories and took the opportunity to thank the care teams.

Dr. France Desrosiers, President and CEO of the Network, said that she was thrilled with this great gathering and the work accomplished in these meetings. “I would first like to highlight the commitment and dedication of the Network’s nursing staff. They deliver care and services to patients effectively, and they make patient wellness a priority. Their presence is essential, and their work is greatly appreciated,” she said.

“The frontline staff, who are in the thick of the battle, can better assess the current situation in the Network’s facilities. By working collaboratively with all stakeholders, we will be better equipped to improve health care and respond to community needs,” she continued.

During these meetings, there were many discussions about the daily challenges that nursing staff must face. “The meeting participants had the opportunity to express themselves. They were all in agreement to be part of the solution to improve the delivery of care and services to patients and to improve the quality of life of nursing staff. The discussions were very enriching, both for staff members and managers and for nursing leadership,” said Sharon Smyth Okana, Senior Vice-President of Clinical Programs and Nursing.

This type of meeting is the result of a new nursing management structure that allows staff from the sector to participate actively in discussions and influence decisions. Ms. Smyth Okana sincerely thanked all participants; this day was a great success because of them!