Care and services provided at Vitalité Health Network meet nationally recognized quality standards

Vitalité Health Network, Friday, February 3, 2023 – Vitalité Health Network’s status as an accredited organization was recently renewed, thereby confirming that the care and services it provides to the public meet national quality standards. The Network earned an overall compliance rate of 95.4%. This is a 4.5% increase over the last assessment in 2017.

“I thank all the employees, volunteers and physicians of the Network. The efforts made by everyone are what made it possible to renew our accreditation status in the midst of a pandemic,” said Dr. France Desrosiers, President and CEO of the Network. “This accreditation is tangible proof that we provide quality care and services that not only meet patients’ needs but also nationally recognized standards,” she added.

In June 2022, a team of 13 Accreditation Canada representatives, including a patient experience partner, visited the Network’s points of service. Nearly 13,000 criteria were assessed to determine whether the care and services provided meet Canadian standards.

To assess the process of a health care organization, Accreditation Canada uses standards grouped into manuals. During the survey in June, the Network earned a compliance rate of 95% or over for 18 out of 25 of the standards manuals. It also attained a perfect score of 100% in four areas: (1) governance; (2) infection prevention and control; (3) point-of-care testing; and (4) addiction services.

The Accreditation Canada representatives observed the Network’s great resilience during the pandemic. “They appreciated the significant efforts made at all levels of the organization to maintain, if not improve, the quality of care and services,” said Dr. Desrosiers. “They highlighted the triad approach of our new nursing model, the importance placed on improving wellness at work, the community partnership approach and the constant effort to put the patient in the right place at the right time,” she continued. 

Accreditation Canada is an independent organization that has been in existence in Canada and worldwide for more than 60 years. It provides health care organizations with an external peer review process. The process is designed to assess and improve the care and services provided to the public based on standards of excellence. The accreditation status earned by the Network is valid for four years.

The full report and a summary report are available on the Network's website.