Board Policy CA-170: Duties of the Secretary

Effective date: 2022-06-21


The Secretary of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) is the President and Chief Executive Officer.

Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary must:

  1. Ensure that minutes are written for each meeting;
  2. Ensure that the Board’s correspondence is processed;
  3. Ensure that all reports required under New Brunswick legislation and regulations are prepared;
  4. Be the custodian of all of the Vitalité Health Network’s (the “Network”) minutes,  documents, and records;
  5. Be the custodian of the Network’s seal;
  6. Ensure that notices of Board meetings and Board committee meetings are sent to members;
  7. Perform other duties assigned by the Board;
  8. Ensure that the Network complies with the legislation and regulations to which it is subject as well as its By-Laws, rules, and policies;
  9. Advise and support the Chairperson and Board members in the performance of their duties;
  10. Act as a communication and information link for Board members;
  11. Administer, in collaboration with the Governance and Nomination Committee, the Code of Conduct and Morals and the conflict of interest guidelines governing Board members.