Advice for applicants

Are you ready to apply?

Here are a few important points to remember.

  1. When applying on a position:
    • Include a cover letter with your resumé. This is an excellent way of making a good first impression. Explain how your experience, training, and skills make you the perfect person for the job;
    • Apply before the deadline. The date and time that a competition closes are indicated in our job postings;
    • Avoid making spelling and grammar mistakes;
    • Indicate the competition number in your cover letter.
  2. In your resumé:
    • Indicate your name and e-mail address at the start of the document;
    • Outline the duties you have performed in your previous positions, not only those in your current position;
    • Present your professional experience and training in chronological order, starting with the most recent;
    • Specify the periods (months and years) during which you acquired your professional experience, whether full-time or part-time;
    • Be clear and concise.
  3. When you are coming for an interview:
    • Be on time;
    • Make sure to bring a list of your references and a copy of other relevant documents (degrees, transcripts, etc.);
    • Take the time to become quite familiar with our organization;
    • Be prepared to justify how your skills and experience match our values and strategic objectives.