Discover pharmacy services in hospital

Vitalité Health Network’s pharmacy services have over 250 employees (pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and assistants, support staff, and pharmacy residents and students) playing a variety of roles and performing a variety of tasks in order to deliver the best possible care.

What is the role of Pharmacy Services?

Within each health facility, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians provide patients with safe and effective pharmaceutical services and enhance their health by:

  • Processing prescriptions
  • Adjusting drug dosages
  • Contributing to research projects

What are the vision and mission of Vitalité’s pharmacy services?

Our vision is to provide innovative and patient-centred pharmaceutical care using modern technologies within a stimulating workplace that promotes personal and professional development.

Our mission is to collaborate in optimizing the wellness of the population by providing exceptional pharmaceutical care.

What is the profession of pharmacist within a hospital setting?

Pharmacists are drug experts. They work with physicians, nurses and other professionals to ensure that drugs are selected and used appropriately.

In addition to their role delivering pharmaceutical services, they also participate in teaching and research.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Determining with the physician the choice and dose of drug to be administered
  • Reviewing and adjusting prescriptions if necessary
  • Handling drug interactions or side effects
  • Training students
  • Participating in research projects

What is the profession of pharmacy technician within a hospital setting?

Pharmacy technicians work closely with pharmacists to safely prepare and dispense the drugs prescribed to patients. They also work with patients and other health professionals to clarify drug information.

They understand the foundations of pharmacology and pharmacotherapy and use the information systems and equipment specific to the pharmaceutical field.

Why choose to join Vitalité’s pharmacy services team?

Choosing Vitalité Health Network means choosing a world of learning possibilities and options within a very dedicated team.

  • A dynamic department
  • Skills development support
  • Access to cutting-edge technologies
  • Improving patients’ health