Quality improvement activities

Summary of Activities to Improve the Quality of the Medical Services

Participation in quality improvement activities is one of the core commitments of physicians to professional excellence.

It leads each physician to contribute to the development and innovation of medicine, participate in establishing professional standards and cultivate collaborative and respectful relationships with other physicians, professionals, managers and learners.

Moreover, quality improvement activities allow the participating physician to accumulate continuing professional development credits with their college or association.


Report Template

This is a report template to facilitate communication and monitoring of quality medical practice activities organized by your department/ivision/service. Once completed, please attach the form to the minutes of your meeting to send to the office of the Chief Medical Officer in your area.


Did you know that participating in quality improvement activities can earn you continuing professional development (CPD) credits

The guide below gives you an idea of the categories/sections and number of credits (certified or not) that you could claim each time that you participate in a medical services quality improvement activity. 

Important: The colleges alone regulate the requirements around CPD credits and not Vitalité Health Network.

For more information, visit the websites of your respective colleges at the following links: