Guidelines for Visitors and Designated Support Persons

(Updated November 1, 2023)

General visits are permitted from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. in our hospitals and health care facilities. 

All admitted patients are entitled to have at least one designated support person (DSP) at a time.  Visits by DSPs will temporally be suspended when a unit is experiencing an outbreak. The number of DSPs allowed will now be two at a time, except in:

  • Palliative Care, where the number may be higher depending on the space available in the case of patients whose palliative care performance scale is 20% or less;
  • Emergency / Ambulatory Care, where the number remains at one DSP at a time.

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DSPs have an important role to play in protecting the health and safety of patients and staff.

  • They must not come to the hospital if they have symptoms of COVID-19, influenza or RSV.
  • They must wash their hands often and correctly.
  • They must wear the mask supplied by the Network correctly (with their mouth and nose covered) at all times during their visit.
  • They must comply with physical distancing wherever possible.
  • They must limit their interactions with staff and other visitors.
  • They must leave the patient’s room when staff are performing procedures.

Staff may at any time limit the number of visitors or the length of visits.

Situations may arise where a DSP is not allowed to be present. In such cases, staff will inform the patient about the options.

Consult the Guide for Designated Support Persons for further information.

If you have questions about these directives, please contact the Quality and Patient Safety Department at 1-877-286-1311.