Recreology - Restigouche Zone

The role of the Recreology Department is mainly to promote active living and the benefits of recreation.

Staff provide services in two facilities:

  • Campbellton Regional Hospital;
    • Veterans’ Unit;
    • Geriatrics/Rehabilitation;
    • Acute Psychiatry;
    • Child Psychiatry;
    • Palliative Care;
  • Restigouche Hospital Centre.

Services provided

Staff provide recreational activities every day, various structured educational programs, group activities, and special events:

  • Assessment of recreational needs;
  • Counseling, teaching and participation in recreation;
  • Physical education.

The department has several activity rooms, including a gym, an exercise room, the Friends’ Corner (multipurpose activity room), relaxation rooms, games rooms, and several therapy rooms shared with other departments.

Our team

The Recreology Department includes recreationists, an activity worker, and a minibus driver. The team works closely with the Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy departments.