Unit 4D (Oncology Unit)

Unit 4D is the only oncology unit in Vitalité Health Network. It also receives patients from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. It is located on the fourth floor of the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre and has 23 beds reserved for cancer patients.

Patients hospitalized on the unit are in the investigation phase or have been diagnosed with cancer. They may be receiving curative or palliative care and be in the acute or chronic phase. Treatments offered are therefore very diverse and may include:

  • Active chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatments;
  • Care after a stem cell transplant;
  • Care for complications caused by treatments or by the progression of the illness;
  • Management of side effects;
  • Pain control;
  • Palliative care.

The team consists of:

  • Licensed practical nurses;
  • Nurses with training in oncology;
  • General practitioners who specialize in oncology;
  • A social worker;
  • A psychologist;
  • A dietitian;
  • A discharge planning nurse;
  • A physiotherapist;
  • An occupational therapist.

The Unit 4D team believes in:

  • Sharing the necessary information with patients so that they understand their illness and the proposed treatment plan in order to make informed choices;
  • Maintaining physical, psychological and spiritual quality of life;
  • Participation by loved ones (family and/or friends) in caring for and supporting the patient, and their involvement is encouraged;
  • Respect, privacy, confidentiality, dignity, integrity, compassion, equity, and solidarity.


  • Obtain and establish a treatment plan in a reasonable amount of time and have the patient and their family participate in decision-making and patient care.

Contact us: 506-862-4305