Radiation Therapy

The Radiation Therapy Department brings together radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiation therapists, and nurses. The team members work together to provide full radiation therapy services using leading-edge equipment, including:

  • A tomography machine used to plan treatment;
  • A dosimetry planning system;
  • Four linear accelerators;
  • A high-dose brachytherapy machine.

Services include:

  • External beam conformal radiation therapy;
  • Intensity modulated conformal radiation therapy;
  • X-ray guided radiation therapy;
  • Interstitial and intracavitary brachytherapy;
  • Palliative radiation therapy.


The objective of the Radiation Therapy Department team is to treat people with cancer by using ionizing radiation to destroy malignant cells. The team also looks after patients’ psychological well-being by providing support, compassion, and the information they need to surmount this challenge.

Our team

Radiation oncologists are expert physicians specializing in the care of cancer patients. Their expertise allows them to prescribe radiation therapy to cure patients or reduce their symptoms.

Radiation oncologists work closely with colleagues specializing in medical oncology and oncological surgery to prepare each patient’s treatment plan.

Medical physicists work in the background to ensure the effectiveness of treatments. They keep a close eye on equipment and processes and play an important role in research and radiation protection. They also help to develop new treatment techniques.

Radiation therapists use focused radiation to destroy tumours while minimizing effects on healthy tissue. Radiation therapists are required to perform treatment simulations, take measurements, fabricate and develop immobilization devices, and establish radiation doses.

The nurses’ objective is to ensure that patients receive their treatment in the best possible conditions.