Mgr. Henri-Cormier Lodge

The Mgr. Henri-Cormier Lodge, which opened in September 1993, provides accommodation for patients who are receiving cancer treatments at the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre and who live more than 100 km from Moncton.

The lodge makes it easier to access oncology services. It recreates an environment that is as close as possible to family life. There are several lounges, a kitchen, a library and areas for rest and contemplation. Volunteers are heavily involved in organizing activities and leisure to make people’s time at the lodge more pleasant.
The Mgr. Henri-Cormier Lodge is intended for people:

  • With cancer who are receiving chemotherapy, radiation therapy and/or brachytherapy treatments at the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre;
  • Who are aged 19 or over and, as needed, have a companion accompanying them (also aged 19 or over);
  • Live more than 100 km from Moncton;
  • Who are independent in their daily activities, including dressing, eating, using the washroom, taking their medications, and moving about (i.e. able to move at least 800 feet or 250 metres per day).

People must be independent, able to do the above daily activities and able to get around the lodge and hospital.

People who want information on available options can check with the staff.

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation is free.

Wi-fi access is free.
The lodge’s 45 rooms are comfortable, fully furnished and tastefully decorated. The facility can accommodate up to 90 people.

  • There are 24 rooms with two single beds, including two rooms that are wheelchair-accessible.
  • The other 21 rooms each have a double bed for people receiving treatments and their companion.
  • Each room has a bathtub, shower, toilet, sink, closet, telephone connected to the front desk, and desk with a lockable drawer.
  • Bedding and towels are provided.

Breakfast, lunch and supper are provided on site.  Snacks are available for residents.


A few free parking spaces may be available for residents; this point will be discussed before residents arrive.

It is possible to get 7-day and 30-day passes for one of the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont UHC’s three parking lots from the hospital gift shop.

A few parking spaces are available near the lodge for a maximum of two hours. 

Hours of operation

The lodge operates 24/7.

To contact us



The lodge is located behind the Dr. GeorgesL.Dumont UHC. You can get to the lodge through the tunnel connecting the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont UHC to the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre.

Mgr. Henri-Cormier Lodge
333 Highfield Street
Moncton, New Brunswick