Obstetric Clinic

The Obstetric Clinic provides high-quality care throughout pregnancy. Follow-up is provided by a physician and/or obstetrician gynecologist and a nurse with specialized training in taking care of pregnant women. 

A number of free classes are offered to prepare couples for their parental role:

  • Prenatal class (a full day, either Saturday or Sunday);
  • Monthly breastfeeding class, alternating French/English (3rd Thursday of each month);
  • Talk With Me;
  • Nutrition class;
  • Follow-up six weeks after delivery.

After the birth, the Postnatal Clinic is a resource and support for mothers wanting information on breastfeeding and on their newborn’s health. Every mother receives a telephone call 48 to 72 hours after discharge to ensure that their return home is going well. Mothers can consult or return to the clinic to have their baby’s health assessed (problems with breastfeeding, weight gain, jaundice) or get any other question about their newborn answered.

Contact us

  • Obstetric Clinic: 506-862-4068
  • Postnatal Clinic and Lactation Consultant: 506-862-4741

Our team

Our team is made up of nurses specializing in labour and delivery, the postnatal period, and caring for babies in the nursery. There is also a lactation consultant.