Pediatric Oncology Navigation Program

Do you work with a child or teen who has cancer? The Pediatric Oncology (children's cancer) Navigator may be able to help!

Having a child/teen diagnosed with cancer turns a family's world upside down overnight. Suddenly, their life is filled with decisions and concerns about treatments and trips to cancer treatment centers in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec.

Families may have concerns about trying to secure financial resources for travel and medications. A Paediatric Cancer Patient Navigator can help the family with these issues.

Who is the Pediatric Oncology Patient Navigator?

The navigator is a nurse with education and expertise in children and adolescents' cancer. The navigator works closely with the child or teen's health-care team in and outside of New Brunswick during the cancer treatment to make the journey easier. The navigator can help the family to understand the many challenges they may face and questions they may have about their child's cancer.

This service is free and available through Vitalité Health Network or Horizon Health Network from day one of the diagnosis. The family may request a referral to see the navigator or contact the navigator directly at any point during the course of the child's cancer care (diagnosis, treatment, follow up, or palliation etc.).

The navigator does not provide direct medical care to the child. If the child or teen requires medical attention, the family should call their pediatrician or go directly to their local emergency department or clinic.

Why should you call the navigator?

Every child or adolescent with cancer and their family have different needs, and will cope with having cancer in different ways. Their culture and beliefs could affect treatment decisions. The family may be a single parent. The resources available to the family will vary depending on where they live and the existing family supports they have. The navigator can help access the need for resources and supports for; finances, travel, treatment and transition of care, according to what the family's needs are.

The navigator can:

  • Remain a constant source of support for the family here in New Brunswick during the child's journey with cancer.
  • Link the family with supports and other professionals.
  • Ensure the family has all of the information available about the child's cancer and treatment options.
  • Help the family to find resources to help with travel expenses during the treatment.
  • Help the family understand their child's or teen's cancer by providing them with access to books, videos, online resources and other materials and reviewing them with the family.
  • Coordinate with the health-care team to transition the child back to their home community.
  • Help with the child or teen's parent-school meetings, doing classroom visits and staff education on childhood cancer.

Contact the Pediatric Oncology Navigator at 506-862-7516