Healthy Toddler Assessment

Support children’s growth and development

  • A Public Health nurse assesses the child at 18 months.
  • All parents of an 18-month-old are invited by letter or telephone to bring their child in for an assessment.
  • Participation in the assessment is voluntary.


During the assessment, the nurse:

  • Answers the parent’s questions and concerns;
  • Assesses the child’s growth, nutrition and development;
  • Assesses the risk of cavities and problems with vision and hearing;
  • Assesses the parent’s risk of depression;
  • Advises the parent about the child’s vaccines;
  • Advises the parent about accident prevention and the child’s safety;
  • Advises the parent about language development and the importance of reading.

If necessary, Public Health refers the child to other professionals or services.


How to make an appointment


For more information

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