Extended Leadership Team

The Extended Leadership Team includes the Leadership Team members, permanent guest members, permanent members and special guests.

The Extended Leadership Team holds strategic execution meetings twice a quarter (every six weeks) to take stock of the various improvement projects underway, identify challenges and issues, and adjust, if necessary, our continuous learning-based strategic planning to achieve the best results.

Other members of the organization may be invited to attend strategic execution meetings to help move issues forward. They can act as presenters, as advisors, or as observers and learners at these meetings.

Leadership Team members

  • Dr. France Desrosiers, President and CEO
  • Patrick Parent, Assistant CEO, Strategic Execution, and Senior Vice-President, Client Programs and Professional Services
  • Brigitte Sonier Ferguson, Senior Vice-President, Performance, University Mission and Strategy
  • Sharon Smyth Okana, Senior Vice-President, Client Programs and Nursing
  • Dr. Natalie Banville, Senior Vice-President, Client Programs, Intrahospital Services and Medical Affairs
  • Jenny Toussaint, Acting Vice-President, Patient Flow
  • Ghislaine Arsenault, Vice-President, Communications and Engagement
  • Frédéric Finn, Vice-President, Employee Experience
  • Pierre Michaud, Chief Risk Officer
  • Allison White, Corporate Director, Nursing

Permanent guest members

  • Dr. Éric Levasseur, Chief of Staff (reporting to the Board of Directors)
  • Alain Lavallée, Chief Financial Officer (reporting to the Assistant CEO)

Permanent members

  • Rino Lang, Assistant Vice-President, Professional Services
  • Dr. Anick Pelletier, Assistant Vice-President, Medical Affairs
  • Josée Gagnon, Acting Assistant Vice-President, Intrahospital Services
  • Carole Beaudet, Director of Logistics and Patient Flow, Chaleur Regional Hospital
  • Lisa Lyn Roy, Director of Logistics and Patient Flow, Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre
  • Maxime Saulnier, Director of Logistics and Patient Flow, Campbellton Regional Hospital
  • Brian Dubé, Director of Logistics and Patient Flow, Edmundston Regional Hospital

Special guests

  • Marjorie Pigeon, Director, Quality, Patient Safety and Volunteer Services
  • Charline Morrison, Corporate Director, Engagement
  • Simon Delattre, Director, Media and Government Relations

Other guests

Other individuals as needed.