Executive Committee of Board of Directors declares: “That’s enough!”

Bathurst, Friday, May 21, 2021 – The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of Vitalité Health Network denounces the behaviour and comments of certain media and activist groups that have been repeatedly attacking the administration and reputation of the sole Francophone health authority in New Brunswick.

“That’s enough; this has gone on long enough. People are making the debate personal and multiplying their attacks on the President and CEO of the Network, a Francophone woman at the helm of a Francophone health authority, using various defamatory strategies that are fanning the flames of destructive debate and considerably undermining the efforts and collaborative work underway,” stated Michelyne Paulin, Board Chairperson. “The Executive Committee unreservedly reiterates its confidence in the Network’s CEO and has no doubt that she possesses all the skills and competencies needed to meet the multiplicity of challenges facing the current health care system and to advance the cause of French-language health care in New Brunswick,” she continued.

Further, the Executive Committee expresses its concerns in relation to the Network’s recruitment and retention efforts, which are easily tarnished by various stakeholders conducting an asymmetrical debate on the public square. “The controversies fed by organizations such as Égalité santé en français, are not only damaging to the Network’s administration but indeed to all our staff.  The aforementioned organization states that it is devoted to the respect for, and advancement of, the Francophone community’s rights but is instead repeatedly and abusively attacking the sole Francophone health authority in New Brunswick,” affirmed the Chairperson.

“I understand the fear and insecurity felt by this organization and by all stakeholders who, like the Network, believe in respect for the Official Languages Act and in the vitality of the Francophonie within our province. I am, however, calling for calm and restraint. Incorrectly accusing the CEO and organization based on unfounded claims triggers chaos and feeds disinformation.  Let us remember that there is strength in unity and that it is on this strength that the survival of our language rights and high-quality health service delivery depends,” she concluded.