Public Health of Vitalité Health Network takes action on vaping

Bathurst, February 25, 2020 – Public Health of Vitalité Health Network recently launched a vaping awareness campaign to encourage parents to talk to their children about all the risks associated with this popular practice.  

In coming weeks, some infographics as well as a series of videos will be posted on social media. “The goal of this initiative is to equip parents to educate their children and make them aware of the risks and harm related to vaping,” declared Nancy Bastarache, Public Health Director for the Network, who mentioned that this practice is well-established within schools. 

According to a recent wellness survey among New Brunswick students (2018–2019), 43 percent of Grade 9 to 12 students have already vaped.  “This situation is concerning when studies show that vaping is not only harmful to health but also a gateway to smoking,” confirmed Lyne St-Onge Lefrançois, registered nurse and Health Promotion Program Coordinator.

In collaboration with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Public Health has also developed a presentation and reference guide on vaping. “School staff will also use these tools to encourage youth to opt for healthy and informed choices rather than being guided by the trends and influence of their peers,” Ms. St-Onge Lefrançois added.

Public Health affirms that the success of this initiative depends on the cooperative involvement of all communities and invites the public to actively participate in eradicating this social scourge. For further information, visit the Network's website.