Rapid-test kit distribution – registration required

You must register on the provincial government site to book an appointment to obtain a kit at one of the new distribution sites.

Changes to the provincial program

The provincial government has made changes to the COVID-19 rapid test kit distribution program.

Anyone who wishes to obtain a rapid-test kit, regardless of their age, can get one if they have symptoms of COVID-19, in accordance with the new testing requirements adopted at the beginning of 2022.

Asymptomatic testing is no longer recommended for the general public.

A positive rapid test no longer requires PCR confirmation if the individual is not part of a vulnerable setting or priority group for PCR. An individual who has a positive rapid test result is considered to be a positive COVID-19 case. These individuals must follow the updated guidance for positive cases, which is available on the provincial government’s website.

PCR Testing

Information on the provincial government's website.