Innovative health care, active communities: Vitalité Health Network's 2023-2024 Annual Report

Vitalité Health Network, Tuesday, June 25, 2024 – As part of the Annual General Meeting of the Board of Directors of Vitalité Health Network, the 2023-2024 Annual Report, which describes the organization's achievements and the solutions adopted in response to current challenges, was presented.

In 2023-2024, the Network's teams advanced 56 priority projects aimed at improving the patient experience, enhancing the employee experience and building closer ties with communities. The teams are mobilized to advance the organization's two strategic priorities: improving access to primary health care and improving patient flow and hospital performance.

This collective effort has led to the development of a plan to optimize hospital resources and the deployment of local family health teams. This innovative model, based on the formation of multidisciplinary teams, has generated enthusiasm in the medical community and yielded promising initial results.

The year’s highlights also include:

  • opening a new addiction services centre in Campbellton, the Centre for Hope and Harmony, with a provincial mandate;
  • setting up a mobilization program for hospitalized patients to speed up recovery and prevent deconditioning;
  • delivering a specialized hemodialysis patient care attendant training program;
  • implementing a new collaborative nursing model;
  • creating an interdisciplinary occupational health team;
  • creating an immigration support service.

Another reason for celebration is that Vitalité Health Network has had more hires than departures since June 2022. This trend has been consistent over the past 12 months. In total, there have been 618 hires versus 240 departures.

“I would like to commend the unfailing commitment of our health care workers. The health care system is facing a number of complex challenges, particularly in terms of the growing health needs associated with an aging population, a labour shortage, difficulties in accessing primary health care and a large number of inpatients awaiting placement in long-term care facilities,” said Dr. France Desrosiers, President and CEO. “An effective response requires a clear vision of the issues and our direction, a multitude of innovative initiatives and the mobilization of all our partners.”

Appointed in July 2023, a new Board of Directors is now responsible for the governance of Vitalité Health Network.

Thomas Soucy, Chairperson of the Network's Board of Directors, praises the dedication and professionalism shown by the staff and doctors over the past year. “I applaud the tenacity of the Network's teams and their renewed vision for the delivery of care and services to better meet current and future needs.”

Vitalité Health Network's 2023-2024 Annual Report can be viewed on the Network's website.