Hospital volunteering opportunities

Here is a summarized list of services provided by volunteers. Volunteering programs differ between facilities. To find out about the programs specific to a facility, click on the zone at the bottom of this list. We do our best to take into account volunteers’ interests and schedules, while meeting the needs of our facilities. Please contact Volunteer Services in your region to learn about the specific needs of your hospital.


Greeting and hosting

Greet and direct patients and visitors as they enter the hospital. Provide support to people and ease their fears and worries during their visit. In some sectors, volunteers bring comfort and support to patients and their families by bringing them light snacks, beverages, etc.
(Examples: main entrance, outpatient clinics, oncology, radiology sector).


Community volunteers

Improve the quality of life of patients by bringing them emotional relief. Volunteers are trained within the organizations they represent (foundations, dog therapy).


Supplementary services

Support the different sectors of the hospital by performing certain tasks for a specific period of time.


Palliative care

Help patients who are at the end of their lives live as comfortably as possible. Help families during the illness of a loved one by providing emotional support and comfort.


Spiritual and religious support

Provide spiritual and religious support to patients and their families. Provide support to the spiritual care worker and/or the clergy. (Examples: minister of communion, mass service assistant).


Recreational therapy

Lead or help lead a recreational activity, often under the supervision of a recreational therapist or an activity worker. Enable patients to socialize and get entertained while helping them take part in group activities. (Examples: crafts, bingos, clowns, bean bags, music and dancing).


Friendly visits

Improve the quality of life of inpatients by visiting them in their rooms. Create social stimulation and friendly relationships with those who could benefit from interacting with others.


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