Medical/Palliative Care

The Enfant-Jésus RHSJ† Hospital has 12 inpatient beds, four of which are for end-of-life patients (palliative care.)

The doctor on duty on the unit is responsible for inpatients who are hospitalized for acute care, inpatients waiting to be placed in a nursing home or for home care, and inpatients in the terminal phase.

The team is made up of a nurse manager, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and a clerk. The patients receive services from the following professionals:
• Physiotherapist;
• Occupational therapist;
• Respiratory therapist;
• Dietitian;
• Speech-language pathologist;
• Social worker;
• Volunteers from Spiritual and Religious Care (based on each patient’s needs).

Visitors' Lounge

There is a visitors lounge. For further information, speak to the unit staff.

A patient’s visits may be limited or cancelled if the patient's condition requires or if the patient does not want visitors.

The policy on visiting hours is designed to help patients recover within an environment that protects their intimacy and privacy.

A patient’s care plan, prepared in collaboration with the care team, patient, and family, includes participation by the family in the patient’s care, if possible. Based on the needs of the patient, a family member could be at the bedside outside general visiting hours.

The Network reserves the right to limit visits under exceptional circumstances (e.g. infectious disease outbreak), with the public being informed.