Speech-Language Pathology

The Speech-Language Pathology Department provides services to patients with communication problems (speech, expressive and/or receptive language, developmental or acquired problem) or difficulty swallowing.

Services offered

  • Assessment and diagnosis of communication difficulties and difficulty swallowing
  • Caring for patients who have communication difficulties and/or difficulty swallowing, including treatment and counseling
  • Training and supervision of students and professionals, including support staff
  • Consultation with other professionals (multidisciplinary rehabilitation team) and referral to other professionals as needed

Who can receive speech-language pathology services?

  • Preschool children whose communication development shows deficits
  • Schoolchildren with particular problems (atypical difficulty swallowing, stigmatism, voice disorders, stuttering)
  • Adults who have difficulties with communication or speech or difficulty swallowing (including stroke, head injury or degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s disease)

Speech-language pathologists can work directly with patients or with caregivers and others who interact with them to create an optimally favourable context for communication and swallowing.