The Psychology Department considers the individual as a whole person and recognizes the importance of the close link between physical and mental health. The staff are dedicated to helping those suffering from a physical disease to maintain or regain their normal level of function by identifying their resources and eliminating obstacles that could hinder their personal adaptation.

Psychologists are part of the healthcare team and act as consultants to other professionals to foster emotional health and wellness in patients and their family.

Psychologists have professional training in a field of activity defined by legislation and professional regulation. They all belong to a regulated professional association. The psychologists are all members of the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick.

Services offered

  • Psychological assessment and intervention with inpatients presenting difficulties with emotional adaptation related to their health problem
  • Psychological assessment and intervention with ambulatory care patients presenting difficulties with emotional adaptation related to their health problem
  • Promotion of physical and mental health by encouraging ambulatory care patients to adopt and maintain behaviour that fosters health and wellness through individual or group interventions
  • Assessment and intervention with family members presenting difficulties with adaptation related to their loved one’s disease

This list is not complete and services are adapted to the needs identified by the care teams and psychologists.


Communications are private and confidential. A psychologist does not have the right to disclose information obtained from you without your permission, except when required by law.
If a patient consents, a psychologist may disclose relevant information to the care team. A psychologist is responsible for explaining these limits to you when meeting with you.

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Services of a psychologist

You can obtain the services of a psychologist by asking a member of your care team or by contacting the Psychology Department directly if you are hospitalized (or a member of your family is hospitalized).

Psychology Department
Telephone: 506-739-2571
Fax: 506-739-2438