The main goals of the Obstetric Unit are to:

  • Provide care and services to women, newborns and families;
  • Help women to give birth to healthy babies.

The antenatal sector has:

  • Two labour rooms;
  • One birthing room;
  • One delivery room;
  • One caesarean room;
  • One room with a therapeutic whirlpool tub.

The sector has a sophisticated electronic monitoring system for the mother and baby waiting to be born. Its mission is to coach future new parents and to focus care on each family’s particular needs.

The Obstetric/Gynecology sector has 16 beds. The new mother and father or other significant adult room in with a healthy newborn for their whole stay. There are daybeds in the rooms so that the companion can sleep with the mother and newborn.

The clientele on the unit may include surgical, medical or gynecology cases, etc.

The unit includes:

  • An ultrasound room with ultramodern equipment;
  • A rooming-in room with a bed, shower, microwave and refrigerator so that parents can room in with a newborn who has to stay in the hospital or be readmitted to the maternity unit.

In the next few months, a breast-feeding room will be added for nursing mothers visiting the hospital and care staff who are continuing to breastfeed after returning to work.