Social Work

A visit to the hospital can be stressful, and medical problems sometimes affect other aspects of life.

The objective of the social worker is to help patients find solutions to many problems, including those involving daily life and difficult situations.

Social workers are part of the healthcare team. They have the necessary professional training to help patients and their family to adapt to and face medical, emotional and practical problems related to their disease, hospitalization and treatment.

The social workers are all members of the New Brunswick Association of Social Workers.

It is useful to talk to a social worker…

  • When you and your family are having difficulty adapting to the disease and your treatment.
  • When feelings of sadness and discouragement persist.
  • When family conflicts limit your capacity to face the situation, your disease and your treatment.
  • When you have financial, emotional, personal or practical difficulties.
  • When you believe that a child or adult is being abused.
  • When you are experiencing loneliness, isolation or rejection by your family.

How can a social worker help you?

Here are a few ways:

  • Counselling and individual and couples’ therapy;
  • Intervention with families and groups;
  • Advocating for patients’ rights;
  • Prevention and education oriented toward health and wellness;
  • Discharge planning;
  • Identification of available resources and liaison with community partners.


Communications are private and confidential. In other words, in most cases your hospital social worker does not have the right to disclose information obtained from you without your permission, except to a member of your healthcare team.

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Services of a Social Worker

You can obtain the services of a social worker by asking a member of your care team or by contacting the Social Work Department directly if you are hospitalized (or a member of your family is hospitalized).

Social Work departments
Edmundston Regional Hospital: 506-739-2571
Grand Falls Regional Hospital: 506-473-7411