Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are healthcare professionals. They are key to rehabilitation, adaptation and support for the social integration of patients of all ages suffering from functional problems in their daily lives.

An occupational therapist brings to the interdisciplinary team special skills related to the impact of deficits on a patient’s social roles and habits. Suggested interventions focus on recovering optimal autonomy so that patients can take up or return to their roles in their milieu.

To achieve rehabilitation goals, an occupational therapist may attempt to reduce incapacities or to modify the activity or the environment.

The role of the occupational therapist deals with daily occupations or lifestyle habits.

“Occupations include everything that people do to occupy themselves, that is, to take care of themselves (personal care), amuse themselves (hobbies), and contribute to the social and economic structure of the community (productivity).” (ACE, 1997, pp. 38-39)

People’s occupations are closely linked to their quality of life and the meaning they give to their existence.

The occupational therapists are all members of the New Brunswick Association of Occupational Therapists.

Services provided

  • Physical rehabilitation (newborns, children, adults, seniors)
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation
  • Cognitive assessment/rehabilitation
  • Assessment of driving prerequisites
  • Hand Clinic
  • Fabrication of custom orthotics
  • Assessment to obtain a wheelchair
  • Ergonomic assessment for hospital employees in Zone 4
  • Clinical mentorship
  • Etc.

Requests to consult an occupational therapist

Healthcare professionals like physicians, physiotherapists and nurses can refer patients to Occupational Therapy.

Contact us

Occupational Therapy departments
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