Clinical Nutrition

Did you know that inpatients suffering from undernutrition…

  • Remain in the hospital longer?
  • Are at higher risk of serious medical complications?

Poor diet is often the source of serious problems:

  • Obesity;
  • Diabetes;
  • Kidney failure;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Diseases of the digestive system.

The Clinical Nutrition Department is integral to medical care. Its objective is to help patients and the whole population of the Northwest to attain an optimal nutritional status in order to maintain or improve their health and minimize disease.

Dietitians are experts in nutrition adapted to patients’ medical problems (surgery, geriatrics, pediatrics, oncology, nephrology, etc.).

Our team

About ten energetic, professional dietitians work with inpatients and outpatients.

Each dietitian has a Bachelor of Nutrition, did an accredited internship or practicum, and is an active member of the New Brunswick Association of Dietitians and Dietitians of Canada.

For inpatients, dietitians:

  • do a complete nutritional assessment;
  • establish an adapted, individualized nutritional plan;
  • arrange follow-up;
  • provide education on nutrition;
  • communicate as needed with people or family members responsible for post-discharge care;
  • refer patients to the outpatient clinic as required (Ambulatory Care).

The Food and Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition departments ensure that menus served to inpatients meet prescribed diets and follow the recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide.

At outpatient clinics, dietitians:

  • provide individual interventions and group sessions;
  • give dietary advice to a diverse clientele (cardiology, diabetes, gastroenterology, nephrology, oncology, high-risk pregnancy, rheumatology, etc.);
  • lead group courses on preventing and managing metabolic disorders (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.);
  • promote healthy nutrition (prenatal and postnatal classes, breast-feeding, etc.).

Dietitians support the integrated internship program that is part of the Bachelor of Nutrition at the Université de Moncton by supervising two students each year.
They are also part of many interdisciplinary teams and committees:

  • Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative;
  • Prescription: Action!