The Audiology Department assesses and treats patients of all ages with:

  • Peripheral or retrocochlear hearing loss;
  • Auditory processing problems;
  • Tinnitus. 

The department also offers the universal newborn hearing screening program to identify hearing problems as early as possible. 

The audiologist uses tests tailored to the age and problem of individuals to identify the nature and extent of their hearing loss and evaluate their needs in various settings (school, home, work, social activities) to give them means to promote communication, independence and integration.

These means may include recommendations for hearing aids, assistive listening devices or communication strategies. The audiologist also works in close cooperation with ear-nose-and-throat specialists when hearing loss requires medical treatment.

The Audiology Department includes three audiologists and an audiology assistant. It is located at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre. Individuals who would like to undergo a hearing assessment can make a request themselves or be referred by a physician or another professional.